I was going through my photos from the past three months and something struck me as odd. Within the past two months, July and August, there was a certain type of photo that I’ve been taking less of.

I’ve been focusing more on family and home responsibilities which in turn has taken up my personal time that I would have spent out and about shooting. I have been taking photos of my children, and I’ve taken some great photos while on hikes with friends. I even got some great portraits.

The type of photo that I found less of are the ones that I normally take while in a certain state of mind.  When I shoot alone my mind is free to roam and look for possibilities to photograph.  But it’s not just that.  There are times when I’m with one or two very close friends where my mind is in that same state.

The photos here are examples of what I am talking about.  To me, they are not technically perfect, or artistically perfect.  But what separates these from the rest is that each of them represent a photo that I’ve taken that have certain special personal meanings to them.



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